32 years          
and counting
Community Charity work.

The 2020 charity project is the Pudsey Community Access Defibrillator Project.

This year our aim is to raise money to provide another (maybe two more) defibrillators for the Pudsey community, plus funding the upkeep of the existing defibs. So far the Carnival Committee has raised money, or has used money raised by other groups, to install 15 defibs in and around Pudsey. All of our defibs are fully automatic and give spoken instructions to the operator so people with no training can use them. We also register the locations of the defibs with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service so that when people call an ambulance for someone who is suffering a suspected cardiac incident, the emergency operator will inform the caller of the nearest defib location (if the defib is close enough). After each defib deployment the Yorkshire Ambulance Service informs the Carnival Committee so we can check that the used defib is operational and replace the pads if it had been used. Due to this work we know the defibs have been deployed many times and used a few times. We have had many messages of thanks for the reassurance the defib has provided to both the person suffering a cardiac problem and the people helping them. We have also had messages from people whose lives have been saved by the use of a Pudsey Committee defib.

Map of community accessable defibrillators in Pudsey and surrounding areas.

St. John Ambulance defib training video.

Resuscitation Council statement on defib training.

Resuscitation Council FAQ on defibs.