32 years          
and counting
Pudsey Carnival Parade

The Pudsey Carnival Parade route is the same as previous years. Starting at Victoria Road it passes along Chapletown and through Pudsey Town Centre before returning along Cemetery Road.

Any group or individual is welcome to take part in the Pudsey Carnival Parade. Simply complete the application form, (PDF) or (Microsoft Word) and return it to the specified address, or contact the carnival committee.

All participants are then invited into the arena after the parade to take part in the Fancy Dress Competition.

The Parade will assemble in Victoria Road.

Judging of the floats will take place at about 11.45am and will move off at 12.00noon. The parade will return to Victoria Road to disband.

After discussions with the local police regarding safety precautions we would like to draw your attention to the Parade Safety Regulations for the parade.
  • Please assemble for the parade from 11.00am.
  • Private cars are not to be parked in the assembly area.
  • Make and carry a list of personnel on your section with home contact and telephone number.
  • Have a first aid kit available and were possible a designated, qualified First Aider.
  • Vehicles must be in good order with a qualified driver.
  • Distance between vehicles and walkers to be kept between 5 and 7 metres.
  • Have a Marshall in high visibility clothing on each side of your section. Jackets will be handed out before the parade.
  • All participants to understand the need for 'marching discipline' on the road.
  • All participants to be briefed on 'good behaviour' during the parade.
  • It is advised that all participants remain seated whilst vehicles are in motion.
  • Do not attempt to climb on or off a moving vehicle.
  • A form of barrier should be provided round the edge of the lorry platform.
  • High ratio of adults to children.